Rio Sports Sand Anchor

Rio Sports Sand Anchor

If you have a pop up beach tent that just won’t stay put on a mildly breezy day at the beach, the Rio Sport Sand Anchor is just what you need. This specialized tent stake is made specifically for sand, so it works better than most tent stakes at keeping tents from flying away when you’re at the beach. Here’s what you need to know about this product.

Features of This Sand Anchor

This tent stake from Rio Sports is mate specifically for beach umbrellas, but it’s also great for using with beach tents that have spots where they can be staked out. The Rio Sports Sand Anchor is made from rust-free fiberglass and nylon, so you can use it for your beach tent for years. It’s also super lightweight, and it can hold a tent in winds of up to thirty miles per hour.

Features Include:

  • Made for beach umbrellas but usable with beach tents, too
  • Rust-free fiberglass and nylon construction
  • Lightweight
  • Holds in winds of up to thirty miles per hour

Rio Sports Sand Anchor Review

What Reviewers Have to Say

Wondering what others have to say about the Rio Sports Sand Anchor? It gets some good reviews for being easy to use. Reviewers also say it does work very well to keep items anchored on a windy day at the beach and that it’s lightweight enough that you barely notice it with your other beach supplies, unlike heavy metal tent stakes.


  • Easy to use and work “as-advertised”
  • Keeps items anchored on a windy day
  • Much easier to carry than metal tent stakes


If you’re buying this for an umbrella, try it out before you actually take it to the beach, as it doesn’t fit with the shafts of all umbrellas. If you’re using it for a pop up beach tent, though, it should work as long as the rings for pegs on the tent are large enough to accommodate it.

Are The Rio Beach Tent Stakes For You?

If you’ve ever gone to the beach to set up your beach tent with regular tent stakes, you know that can spell disaster. Regular tent stakes don’t grip the sand and can just pull right out of it, while the Rio Sports Sand Anchor is designed to hold tightly to the sand so your beach umbrella or tent isn’t going anywhere. It may not work with all tents or umbrellas, but it’s definitely worth trying with yours.

Best Price and Availability

You can look at your local camping store for these beach tent stakes, but you probably won’t find them there. Instead, why not look online, where availability is near guaranteed? Plus, you’ll get a much better price online! Click here and get today’s best price on the Rio Sports beach tent stakes now and save today!

Rio Sports Sand Anchor Best Price

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